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Jacob-Hart Vineyard

Every vineyard has a story to tell. The French call it terroir, which refers to a sense of place, the sum of the geographical effects that influence the grape and in the end, the wine made from it. The Jacob-Hart Vineyard is no exception; it is an excellent storyteller if you know how to listen. Named in honor of REX HILL's founders, Jan Jacobsen & Paul Hart, the Jacob-Hart Vineyard was purchased in 1987. An old turkey farm, the land found tangible results growing grapes. Located on a warm southeast facing slope of the Chehalem Ridge, fruit at this vineyard is harvested a week or two before other REX HILL Pinot Noir sites. This beautiful vineyard offers both volcanic and sedimentary soils; to have both soil types in one vineyard is extremely unusual in the Willamette Valley. In places, the earth is so rocky that the vines were planted using a pickaxe instead of a shovel and it cannot be farmed with a tractor. These prized blocks produce the exceptional fruit that comprises our Jacob-Hart Vineyard selections while most of the remainder provides the basic structure for our Reserve wines.

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